Run Coaching

Initial Getting to Know You session in person, on the phone, or via Skype or FaceTime

The more I know about you as a person and an athlete, the better I can help you reach your running goals.

Initial Contact

Assessment of past training and races

No worries if there's not much to share yet.

Personalized training calendar

Weekly workouts and a broad overview. The more you share, the more I can help you!

Athlete assessment & home strength program for injury prevention

I'll walk you through everything in person.

Weekly training review

If you're sick, you miss a workout, you're injured, or you absolutely hated running this week, we might need to tweak your plan. If you ran a race and you're on fire and all of your runs feel super easy, it might be time to reassess the plan.  This is a common reason runners hire a coach.

Race planning

Selecting an appropriate race as well as planning out details for the event. If you have no interest in racing, that's fine, too!

Contact with your coach via text, phone, email, training log notes, etc.

I'm a running coach because I love helping other runners. If you need something, lay it on me. Preferably not at 2:00 am, because recovery's important, kids! 


This plan is the most successful method for runners I've worked with.  However, if you have an idea for a different way you'd like to approach coaching, get in touch!

Get in touch

$125/first month, $100/every month after

I believe in a wholistic approach to coaching my runners; If I can help you with something, I will.  Everything listed on this page is included in the monthly cost.

The first month with a new runner is very time intensive, including an in person initial consultation, an in person physical athlete assessment, and an in person strength session.  Thus, I charge more for the first month.